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Open House at the Palmers

Nathan and Tiana Palmer are opening their home to whoever would like to come on Dec 31, starting at 5PM. They’ll have a big pot of chili. Feel free to bring some toppings of your choice and hang out for the evening. Contact Tiana if you have any questions:

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Read the Word

We believe the Word of God is powerful. In the early church, the body of believers gathered together to read Scripture. Sometimes, we look so closely at individual verses that we can forget the big picture and the context of the book. Read the Word is designed to read a big section of the Bible so that we get an understanding of the whole of the book. Paul encouraged Timothy to “give attention to the public reading of Scripture." (1 Tim 4:13) We read portions of Scripture each week in our service, Read the Word is a night to read a lengthy section of the Bible.  

Intro to Hebrews. 

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SCC Movie Night

Join us as we watch Patterns of Evidence. 

This documentary takes a look at the biblical account of the Exodus and how that account lines up with our current understanding of archeology. No surprise, the Bible holds up quite well! 

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