The Good News
The Bible tells us the greatest and most important story that has ever been told! God created an awesome world, but man sins. God has a  plan to redeem sinners, just like us. Although the Bible is a massive book, really a collection of books (66 of them altogether), the story can be told in four basic points. 

The Bible begins with a declaration. There is a God and he has created a world. The Bible doesn't simply tell us about the possibility of a God, it tells us about the actual God who really made the world. The Bible tells us that this God is holy - copletely sinless. God creates a perfect place and places his image bearers, man in his garden to be his vice-regent. But then we are introduced to a terrible plot twist. The bliss of Genesis 1-2 is quickly replaced by the horror of Genesis 3. Man sins. God had instructed man not to eat the fruit of one particular tree, but they disobey. 

Fall: This act of sin is referred to as The Fall. When the first man, Adam, sinned, the consequences were catastrophic. The earth now is under a curse, man was forced out of the perfection of the Garden of Eden and life becomes difficult. Man's days are now numbered. Man must now die as a consequence for sin. The sacrificial system is introduced as God kills an animal to provide clothing for Adam and Eve, our first parents. From that point, the sacrifice to cover sins would be repeated thousands upon thousands of times until the perfect sacrifice would come. 

Redemption: Jesus Christ came to earth as God in human flesh. He lived a perfect life yet died a sinners death. Unlike the blood of all the sacrifices that had gone before him, Jesus' sacrifice was infinite in value. Once the perfect sacrifice was made, no more sacrifices were necessary. Men everywhere are invited to repent and believe in Christ. Sinful man cannot work to earn their standing with a holy God, but must accept the perfect sacrifice Jesus made.

Restoration: The Bible is a book that explains a tension between what has already been accomplished and what is yet to come. Jesus has come. He has defeated death. He has already conquered sin. But, we are waiting now for the ultimate restoration. There will come a day when the curse of the Fall is finally and fully reversed. One day, death will be no more, pain will be no more, and the perfection that was known in Genesis will once again be true of the entire earth. Christians are people who long for the day when Jesus will come and make all things right!

Do you ever wonder where you fit in this story? Don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to have the opportunity to talk with you about the significane of the saving work of Christ for your life.