I'm New


Maybe you haven't been to church in years, or maybe you are new to the Jacksonville area or just new to Sunrise. That's great! Here are some things that might make you comfortable for your first visit. 

What should I wear to the service?
You will find a mix here at SCC. The dress will typically vary from "beach casual" to "business casual." It's good to think about dressing in a way that does not attract or  distract. We gather to worship, not have a fashion show.

What is the musical style? 
You will find a mix of hymns and contemporary songs at SCC. When we select songs, content is king! Our desire is to have music that is biblical, singable, and memorable. Music is a great vehicle to communicate truth. Typically the music is led from the guitar, accompanied by keyboard, drums, and violin — depending on availability of musicians on a given week. 

What is there for my children?
We offer classes for children (birth through grade 12) during our 9:00am Sunday, Equipping Hour. During our 10:15 am Worship Service, children (birth to kindergarten) go directly to class. We offer Children's Church for second grade and under. The children are dismissed to Children's Church during the service. 

What Bible translation do you use for teaching and preaching?
Primarily we teach from the English Standard Version (ESV). If you need a Bible, we would be glad to lend you or or give you one. 

How many people attend Sunrise Community Church?
On any given Sunday, there are approximately 100 people worshipping at Sunrise.

How long are the services? 
It's okay, you can ask! We begin promptly at 10:15 and are typically done around 11:35. We sing 4-5 songs, read the Bible, pray, and listen to a message from the Bible. The first Sunday of each month we celebrate Communion during our morning service. 

How can I get further involved?
Mark your  Connection Card during any worship service or email us to let us know areas of ministry interest you. We encourage you to get to know the people of the church and look for ways to use your interest and abilities to minister to others. The possibilities are endless.

How do I become a member of Sunrise Community Church?
Membership begins by marking your Connection Card during any worship service and dropping it in the offering plate, or you can contact the church office to let us know of your interest in membership. After filling out a membership application, we have a membership orientation where we have a chance to get to know you better and allow you to ask any questions you have. These meeting are arranged as needed.  

How can I get baptized?
We believe baptism is for those that have a credible profession of faith. This process begins by marking your response card during any worship service and dropping it in the offering plate. You may also speak to the pastor or any of the elders and we would love to discuss baptism with you.